FightBack – iPhone Game Review

fightback review Fightback is a free-to-play game, that we can play for free, although we have a whole system of purchases, updates and packages that are available for purchase via shopping in-app. For the player more thrifty and quiet, say that there is a reward for each level, enemy and found objects, which we can invest in weapons–from pistols to shotguns, through mini-guns, guns or bazookas explosives-, bullet-proof vests or as mentioned above, tattoos – that we will promote, giving us more speed or resistance-. In other words: no need to buy to win, which demonstrates that Ninja Theory has sought to balance the game everything this without being too abrupt. If by some chance, we were stuck in a level or enemy, we can always pull shopping in-app for lots of gold and cash – virtual currency of the game, and therefore guarantee us a future without too many complications. Ninja Theory has divided the game world in buildings, streets and other facilities by difficulty, that is up to the player to control the experience at all times. Thus, and controlled by different bands, have a mapping full of flower and cream of the urban tribes of the Decade of the eighties. We will travel – all recreated in a glorious three dimensions thanks to the versatile motor Unity – by casinos, brothels, offices and apartment buildings, roofs and sordid alleys, all illuminated by bright and exotic neon signs. We have tested the app screens retina of several iOS devices – from the iPhone 4S to the iPad’s second, third and fifth generation — and the truth is that we have not seen or found any downside. The sound also makes collection of melodies and effects characteristic of the 1980s and 1990s – both cinematically speaking, in the same video game time-, strongly recommending their game with headphones. Fightback is compatible with Game Center, IOS, and both the aforementioned operating system Android Apple, supports synchronization with Facebook for exclusive rewards – and rankings. Fightback is an app that exudes care and care in several of its sections. We have a gameplay based on gestures – that feel like a glove to the genre that tries to move-, a superb atmosphere – thanks in part to a solvent graphics engine, Unity – and a number of details – as the music-very skilled workers. With Fightback game we have for some time on our phones and tablets, and although it is true that its freemium approach fails to convince us in excess – imagine what would have been this game with a way more work history and a local multiplayer mode, the truth is that it is left to play and does not interfere too much in our development. With these game review, Fightback is revealed as a game suitable for nostalgic fans and all those users who seek among the avalanche of regular titles in these dates, an option to ensure you a few hours of fun


Legends of Persia

Release date: January 2014
Genre: Action / role
Trailer of Legends of Persia:

Images of Legends of Persia:


Legends-Of-Persia-Screenshots-depict-Guardian-Of-Hell-8-1024x578 Legends-of-Persia-1 Legends-of-persia-paradise-chapter-7

Legends-of-Persia-7 Legends-of-Persia-8 legends-of-persia

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Shadowrun Returns Specific New Details of its First Expansion: Dragonfall

The month of January the remarkable adventure of Shadowrun Returns tactical role will expand their content playable with its first major expansion, which will be finally known as Shadowrun: Dragonfall. Set in the futuristic version of the city of Berlin, this expansion will once again put the fate of the world in our hands, giving us great freedom to act as we wish, on the basis that Yes, the consequences.

“This is a place where you can make money fast, but in which usually do not live long enough to spend it,”reads the official description of Dragonfall. An expansion that will change the design of the game world that surrounds us, but which will also feature other news of interest to fans of this veteran franchise.

At first, it will now be possible to record the game anytime, anywhere, without having to resort to the points established control for this purpose. Also, adds new weapons and equipment for our hero, as well as new enhancements and cybernetic implants. The music will be in charge of the classical composer Shadowrun for Mega Drive, Sam Powell, and to the delight of the most creative users, the content editor will also expand your options with new tools that will make this work much.

Shadowrun:Dragonfall premiering on PC, Mac and Linux in January 2014 the price of $14.99. If you do not have with the original title we can buy it next to this expansion in a pack at the price of $24.99.




The LEGO Movie Videogame



Yesterday it was announced officially, The LEGO Movie Videogame and today we can reveal the first group of this curious and original images, despite a thing hard that game the LEGO license for all platforms that will leave you, when you see the light.

Title Warner Interactive is trying to do with the LEGO license is curious because the original concept, not understand us wrong, simply original is that it is not a film reference applied to the LEGO universe and that for the first time we see figures and structures of LEGO which can be found in boxes of stores.

Don’t know much more detail of The LEGO Movie Videogame that developed yesterday, but without a doubt, it is a game that if it maintains the essence of the LEGO name, will be fun and will give good account of boredom, adding the creativity of this company.

tlm_bricksburg14-150x150 tlm_bricksburg16-150x150 tlm_bricksburg18-150x150

tlm_bricksburg22-150x150 tlm_bricksburg25-150x150 tlm_bricksburg30-150x150

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for Xbox 360

We have been long waiting for it and finally we have it in our hands. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is one of those games of developing complicated – with even a developer on their backs-change, but once tasted a Fund, we can ensure that the waiting was worth.

The Banner Saga

Announced a few days ago by the independent study Stoic Studio as its first development, ‘The Banner Saga’ has all the ingredients to become a cult title. The team consists of former members of BioWare, which already requires us to pay enough attention to the project. To start we have an approach that combines tactical strategy development rolero classic bouts, including old-fashioned conversations. Matches between teams and in turn promise much depth, combining traditional approaches with new ideas. Then we have a very attractive aesthetic section, which seeks to provide the game’s look of cartoons but without sacrificing the mature touch. This will serve as a framework for a history of Vikings where you have fitted the fantasy, and has as one of its references to the popular series ‘Song of ice and fire’.

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Might & Magic X – Legacy

Sounds? One of the great intellectual properties of the fantasy world returns to the fray with Legacy, one of the most groundbreaking brand to date has given us. Role of old-school first-person PC, to consolidate a pitch that presumed a possibly full of risky decisions evolution

It is one of the RPG titles in its history, a benchmark for other games that has gone from science fiction to the medieval fantasy, and by different planets in which the plot occurs with more time. This has facilitated that very different genres under the shelter of the brand, have been addressed what has left us an unusually rich in nuances and varied in terms of offers intellectual property.

Now we have here one of the most surprising turns of the franchise. We have had chance to see Legacy delivery, one of the most promising changes and a real surprise for its adoption of the classic RPG format in first person with strong emphasis on the aspects that characterized the genus in the old days

Watch this trailer.