Shadowrun Returns Specific New Details of its First Expansion: Dragonfall

The month of January the remarkable adventure of Shadowrun Returns tactical role will expand their content playable with its first major expansion, which will be finally known as Shadowrun: Dragonfall. Set in the futuristic version of the city of Berlin, this expansion will once again put the fate of the world in our hands, giving us great freedom to act as we wish, on the basis that Yes, the consequences.

“This is a place where you can make money fast, but in which usually do not live long enough to spend it,”reads the official description of Dragonfall. An expansion that will change the design of the game world that surrounds us, but which will also feature other news of interest to fans of this veteran franchise.

At first, it will now be possible to record the game anytime, anywhere, without having to resort to the points established control for this purpose. Also, adds new weapons and equipment for our hero, as well as new enhancements and cybernetic implants. The music will be in charge of the classical composer Shadowrun for Mega Drive, Sam Powell, and to the delight of the most creative users, the content editor will also expand your options with new tools that will make this work much.

Shadowrun:Dragonfall premiering on PC, Mac and Linux in January 2014 the price of $14.99. If you do not have with the original title we can buy it next to this expansion in a pack at the price of $24.99.





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