FightBack – iPhone Game Review

fightback review Fightback is a free-to-play game, that we can play for free, although we have a whole system of purchases, updates and packages that are available for purchase via shopping in-app. For the player more thrifty and quiet, say that there is a reward for each level, enemy and found objects, which we can invest in weapons–from pistols to shotguns, through mini-guns, guns or bazookas explosives-, bullet-proof vests or as mentioned above, tattoos – that we will promote, giving us more speed or resistance-. In other words: no need to buy to win, which demonstrates that Ninja Theory has sought to balance the game everything this without being too abrupt. If by some chance, we were stuck in a level or enemy, we can always pull shopping in-app for lots of gold and cash – virtual currency of the game, and therefore guarantee us a future without too many complications. Ninja Theory has divided the game world in buildings, streets and other facilities by difficulty, that is up to the player to control the experience at all times. Thus, and controlled by different bands, have a mapping full of flower and cream of the urban tribes of the Decade of the eighties. We will travel – all recreated in a glorious three dimensions thanks to the versatile motor Unity – by casinos, brothels, offices and apartment buildings, roofs and sordid alleys, all illuminated by bright and exotic neon signs. We have tested the app screens retina of several iOS devices – from the iPhone 4S to the iPad’s second, third and fifth generation — and the truth is that we have not seen or found any downside. The sound also makes collection of melodies and effects characteristic of the 1980s and 1990s – both cinematically speaking, in the same video game time-, strongly recommending their game with headphones. Fightback is compatible with Game Center, IOS, and both the aforementioned operating system Android Apple, supports synchronization with Facebook for exclusive rewards – and rankings. Fightback is an app that exudes care and care in several of its sections. We have a gameplay based on gestures – that feel like a glove to the genre that tries to move-, a superb atmosphere – thanks in part to a solvent graphics engine, Unity – and a number of details – as the music-very skilled workers. With Fightback game we have for some time on our phones and tablets, and although it is true that its freemium approach fails to convince us in excess – imagine what would have been this game with a way more work history and a local multiplayer mode, the truth is that it is left to play and does not interfere too much in our development. With these game review, Fightback is revealed as a game suitable for nostalgic fans and all those users who seek among the avalanche of regular titles in these dates, an option to ensure you a few hours of fun


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