Total War Rome II

A new installment of the series Total War and, oddly, another game that surprises even if only us again either by the scale that reaches in many respects and that make it to be the biggest of all those who have never appeared: by numbers and amount of options that won’t leave indifferent fans community. Take heed.


Back to origins
Total War Rome II is the spiritual continuation of the first Rome which was released in the year 2004 (third of the saga after Shogun and Medieval) and he takes the name and many of its options but by multiplying them by ten, which is the number of years that have passed. Thus, The Creative Assembly has become one of his greatest hits, to an era that is closer to our culture than other raids, just as excellent, but which do not touch both our Latin chord. And is that the Roman Empire is always a good reason to play to conquer the world and faith that Total War Rome II succeeds too well.

For starters you can choose between one of the eight factions that come with the game: Romans, Macedonians, Iceni, Swabians, births, Egyptians (ptolomeicos), Carthaginians and Arverni. Later, thanks to DLC, coming five more, the Athenians, Spartans, epirenses, pontoneses and the Seleucids. I.e., up to 13 civilizations that we can take to our control and place them at the top of the world conquering one of the larger maps which have seen the history of video games.

Because one of the things that has this game is that we govern each of these villages as you want, choosing the road more suits us to stop enemy empires and for the sole purpose of changing history. And it is that, why do always win the Romans?

A huge map
Total War Rome II has one of the largest of the saga, not to say that, since it encompasses not only all the Mare Nostrum but a little further. This has an explanation and is that their creators have wanted that each span of terrain (and a tad more) that the Romans had under its control were within the game if so then we got with the intention to change the history.
Well, we can choose between any of the peoples that there is from the British Isles (Britannia) until the Palestine represented in the game as Nabataea passing by all the peoples of Central and southern Europe, North Africa or Mauretania Aegyptus, or the most Eastern of the current Iran, Iraq or Pakistan. It is that you must take into account that the facts he narrates the game begin with the wars in the Italian peninsula prior to the creation of the Roman Empire and will be mission ours if we choose the sons of Romulus and Remus to carry out that unification.
So to give you an idea, the beginning of the game we can date it in 343-341 B.c. when the first Samnite wars for control of Lazio, are carried out already know, the central part of the Italian peninsula and is where Rome surrounded by seven hills that protect it. It is there where begins the game and since then we must decide what we want to do.

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