Batman Arkham Origins: Every Hero Has a Start

Warner Bros. Games Montreal takes Rocksteady in the development of the Batman universe in video games. Batman Arkham Origins back to the beginning of the career of the Dark Knight as righteous, where his youth with an arsenal almost as incredible as the plot of the game supplements. This analysis has been performed with the digital version for PC.

Batman Arkham Origins is already here. The new (or first) adventure of Batman as a protector of Gotham landed Friday October 25 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. With the Warner Bros. Games Montreal continues the saga of Arkham, whose first title, Arkham Asylum started, years ago, becoming a bestseller.

Arkham Origins updates all poured in previous installments, but giving a twist to the proposal. Instead of moving forward into the future and play with an already created universe and with some similarity to the of comics DC Comics, Batman Arkham Origins back to the beginning of the saga and tells how Batman ended up being so large group of villains with which to fight, including the Joker, black mask, Bane and other so many old acquaintances of the former Arkham.

In this way, the new adventure begins a night of Christmas, in which Batman instead of carving the Turkey, have to put order in the city… something that will yendosele of the hands. With this premise, all players will be amazed, since Batman Arkham Origins not only offers a huge and great city, but also a complex history nothing linear and full of surprises, which does not decay at any time. Even when it seems that everything has already finished.
Now well, purists will find certain differences regarding the other games, not only aesthetic, but also plot. And although they are slightly justified by the evolution of the story, at the end denotes that Paul Dini, writer of the other two Arkham, is not in this project, which also causes the tone of the story quite change into something slightly more dramatic and transcendent. However, we can say that it is a great script work, since also the connections with the ‘Futures’ Arkhams are perfectly explained.
The mechanics of the bat
One of the main features of Arkham Origins is their lack of innovation real playable. Although it has some novelties in terms of gadgets, in general there is nothing new in it. Which leads to the conclusion that if there is something that works well, why should I move?
At the same time, the way in which Batman moves and feel like skills is remarkably sophisticated. From now on, Batman WINS not only attacks and new capabilities through the acquisition of experience points. In Batman Arkham Origins, to gain access to certain skills, the player before must overcome challenges as fly a number of meters without use of hook, overcome a predatory mode with a series of eliminations, achieve a certain combo, etc.. Unfortunately, some of these challenges must be completed in mode history when necessary, since they are intended to complete in scenarios that do not regenerate over time, unlike his predecessors.
On the other hand, Gotham has been respected and extended respect Batman Arkham City, and not only recognize buildings and whole areas of this game, they even added new neighborhoods, like an impressive bridge of more 300 meters in length and three completely new, plagued neighborhoods of skyscrapers, whose penthouses in some cases not we reach, because they serve as wall and limit of the map. Oh, and not to mention with the Bat-Cave, that can also be visited during the game!

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