Battlefield 4

Since 2011 did not see become a new Battlefield in the ‘feten’, of the ‘patanegra’ of say, those in which it invests months and months to have it all well place on your website. And the fact is that it appears in this Battlefield 4 thing has improved in many aspects, and not only in the purely aesthetic. Frostbite 3 is the name of the new graphic engine that worked, a ‘engine’ that has an eye on the current generation and the other in the ‘next-gen’ that we have had a first installment with the PC version: authentic clone of what you will see in just three weeks in PS4 and Xbox One.

Battlefield 4, anyway, and in the words of its creators, says, is not intended to fight melee with their eternal enemy, aka Call of Duty Ghosts, but it is also undeniable that in his campaign looks askance all those things that come us liking both of the series from Activision. And if you don’t believe us, see.


China, the great enemy of the world
The story of how campaign leads to Asian lands and the problems that crosses the Chinese giants, who lives some turbulence, which can drag the rest of the world. Basically, everything boils down to that Admiral Chang is taking all the steps necessary to give a mutiny and stay with the power, with the help of a new ally: Russia. An ally, by the way, more late would give support for a virtual attack on the United States.UU. So as well imagine, mess view: avoid the coup to succeed.

Us, we play the role of Recker, responsible for the ‘Tombstone’ squad, will have to go in search of evidence linking those Russian elements with the messes of the revolt organized by Admiral Chang, to tackle them root.

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