Analysis of XCOM: Enemy Within computer

Enemy Within makes largest XCOM: Enemy Unknown with the addition of a new story within its legacy. Soldiers, new locations and a new enemy enhancements expand a game that has laid new foundations within their genre.

Note: XCOM: Enemy Within comes out as independent PC, affordable and downloadable expansion via the Internet. Console, sold as a pack with the original game, titled Commander Edition, and is not yet known if it will be released as downloadable content for those who have XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Since his release last year, XCOM saga has been shown to know to reinvent itself to become one of the highlights of their gender. The hand of Firaxis, this classic of strategy has renovated to offer a different experience which now puts us between the strategy and the action of the shooter. Some them was hard to believe that this mixture would work, but it is true that the company knew how to take the best of ancient board games and what stands out in the two genera before being and take a master combination which gives long hours of fun. Enemy Within comes now to make bigger saga  brings us a story that demystifies the DLC to offer us a title that offers history, units, and completely new possibilities with the original bases.

The solid gameplay that we know
The proposal offered by Firaxis comes to expand although it does not alter the basis gameplay that already operated in the market. As we have said this combination of strategy and shooter it worked and it has been to discover a new breed of fiercer than the alien enemies. In this sense analysis will focus little on the gameplay since we have spoken widely of it in the original analysis and past impressions. The neophyte is that knowing that we will move in with the isometric perspective map of always developing part of strategy shifts at this time and later, when we have the enemy shot, activate the tab shooter, allowing us to see if our goal is visible or not.
The Organization of the interface is still extremely useful and quick, since we can access to the possibilities of each soldier in a very fast way. In this case joins the battle collection “mix”, a product which will then discover what serves and which will be of the utmost importance so that the Mission has ensured success. A small tutorial and a first contact missions will be used to enter fully in this Enemy Within and the particularities of the base, which now also has new stays related to this mysterious “mixture” that we find in the first mission.

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