WWE 2K14

Legends of fighting
American wrestling returns to PS3 and Xbox 360 with a renewed Edition of the legendary saga WWE (in this case renamed to WWE 2K). And it is that he is a full-fledged tribute to the 30th anniversary of Wrestlemania has been running this competition, a Festival where shock and entertainment prevail above all else.
We already have over the new season of the genuine American wrestling. And this time comes from the hand of 2 K Sports, a company that stayed with the rights of the series after the disappearance of the former publishing company, THQ. The case is that, despite this change, the study that has been commissioned for this edition of the renamed title WWE 2 K 14 is the same as always: Yuke’s. And that same we find ourselves faced a delivery that it retains the same virtues that has already given us over the past years, but that this time has been spiced by a couple of new elements that add a degree of freshness to the final product. The result is a game that slash the outstanding as a whole and, most important, offers us a large amount of content.
As most of you know we have a true Simulator, that tries to serve on tray possible most vibrant clashes on a boxing ring. And it does so with utmost precision, eye candy and even elegance, classic virtues in the saga have been enhanced by several new playable.
Yes, because on this occasion responsible for WWE 2K 14 have wanted to offer fans more veterans of the sport a series of gifts in the form of new game modes… that in an instant you will talk. Yes, because you can more innovation will thank the classic American sport fans is the inclusion of stars of the canvas belonging to different eras.


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