Release Date And New Images Of Contrast

Contrast concrete its release date and take advantage to show four new screenshots of the game which will be released on PC, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Compulsion Games has announced the date of release for their new adventure, Contrast. The game will be available for download on Xbox LIVE and PC from November 15. PlayStation 3 you can enjoy it from November 20, and the new generation of Sony console, PS4, will be available from launch day on November 29. In Contrast we will get into the skin of Didi, a nine-year-old girl that he has an imaginary friend named Dawn, which can move from the real to the shadow world when you want to.


Remember that PC users can pre-order the digital copy of the game on Steam with a 25% discount on the collector’s Edition, which will include the soundtrack of the game and a 52-page art book. And don’t forget that Contrast is one of the games that Sony will allow us to test from today at Madrid Games Week.








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