Call of Duty: Ghosts

But last week we dedicate a Battlefield 4 analysis, the truth is that all lovers of the ‘shooter’ looks were implemented today, on November 5 in which Call of Duty Ghosts would be released. A new installment of Infinity Ward and Activision posed a small break in the myths and legends that we have experienced of the saga in recent editions. Call of Duty Ghosts breaks with the story line of the Modern Warfare and focuses on other actors but, somehow, we could see it as a sort of ‘spin-off’ of the main branch in tribute? that character called ‘Ghost’ Riley who, curiously, there is a character in this game coming out today that it inherits its name: the dog. Canine super agent, or K9, who say the Americans.
Like an earthquake
The game starts in their campaign as they usually do all the Call of Duty lately, and as Steven Spielberg did so well in masterpieces like in Raiders of the Lost Ark: “a film to begin with an earthquake, and from there, go up more and more”.
The game brings us to a day in the country of a father and his two sons (Elijah, Hesh and Logan, respectively) when there is a tremendous explosion. A weapon called Odin that the Americans have installed in a space station, has been fired against major US cities.UU. and it has devastated them completely. And it is that this wit is able to provoke massive earthquakes and transform the Earth into a place full of passing holes in the style of the movie 2012.
Those responsible for this attack is a coalition of South American countries called the Federation that, not content with which has organized, it has bundled the blanket to head and has invaded US territory. And the Church we have encountered. More specifically, with the Ghosts, an elite corps that operates where want you and which are a myth, a legend among the units of the armies of the world by their stealth and that wherever they act leave no trace.
Watch this trailer.

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