Analysis of The Guided Fate Paradox for PlayStation 3

The strategic game-play will delight fans of Z.H.P., but it is true that a strange mixture may seem to some users, that it does not become so fast and accessible as it would be action role-playing with view isometric or so cerebral as the strategic role of the Board, in which you have at your disposal the vision of all the map and you can anticipate movements mentally – in The Guided Fate Paradox intermediate aisles stay with low visibility and not infrequently we find unexpected clashes-. It is a slightly lighter variant of the strategic role that the usual in terms of the approach to advance, but in evolution of characters is as deep as any of the older ones series. Then there are aspects which we have taken to get us, as the displacement with directional cross head that us has confused not infrequently decide the direction to take.


Technically the game is on par with Disgaea 4 or D2, 2D animations of high resolution – perhaps a little less detailed than in the aforementioned games – and polygonal environments Basic that we can rotate at will. Being random dungeons plays a little against him, because it has a decorated controlled to the millimeter, but shows large amounts of enemies on screen. In any case it’s a game that only exploits the power of the system and the buyer of this game knows what to expect of NIS. In the design of characters having Noizi Ito (the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) is a good point to please and thanks for the scenes of dialogues with the portraits of only animated players, although for some reason the world of the game the spark of Disgaea, much more original than the cast of angels missing dressed in maids that we find in The Guided Fate Paradox.


The soundtrack reminds a lot, and we have to mention it again, to Disgaea. Ultimately, The Guided Fate Paradox is also a showdown against demons – called aberrations – and the religious theme is everywhere, changing underworld by a reflection of the world of each character. Many choirs, music for organ and violin melodies, might miss you a little claw to have more catchy because most are purely environmental. In fact, the music works almost better independently that during the game, goes where most unnoticed except at the moments of more tension. That does not mean that it is a loose soundtrack; It has one of the best introductory songs we’ve heard in a long time, power metal Japanese-style.


NIS returns to do what you know best with The Guided Fate Paradox: RPG and strategy of quality. Taking into account that it is a genre in which it is not necessary to a great display of budget in graphics and the relative lack of competition coming to West seems a logical decision. His latest project is a nice breather for the study – and the users, who like all games that will arrive in the next few months – The Witch and the Hundred Knight, Battle Princess Of Arcadias – shows that there is interest by offering more than new releases of Disgaea. The adventures of Renya are not as round or striking as A Promise Unforgotten or A Brighter Darkness, but if you like the strategic role, the unpredictable dungeons and a new crazy world full of charismatic characters to discover, you should give it a try. Not every day you get to be God in a lottery.

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